Edwardian Conservatories

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Edwardian Conservatories from Conservatory Shop

Edwardian conservatories offer timeless, opulent beauty to any home, thanks to its highly dynamic offerings when it comes to it conservatory design, the bold Edwardian conservatory style suits all homes. The style is very popular thanks in part to the Edwardian conservatories streamlined and elegant structure that allows conservatory furniture to fit perfectly into its rectangular shape.


Styles and types of Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian conservatories deliver beautiful bold cut lines and a range of window and glass options that bulster your property's look and feel (whether that be from our standard range or bespoke to your requirements). Your new Edwardian conservatory can be used in a range of ways, whether that is a lounge, kitchen or family room. The conservatories flambouyant styling can cater to any space you desire whilst its tall roof can give a spcacious feel to even smaller conservatories.

Edwardian conservatories include top opening vented window lights and two opening front doors (also known as French doors), along with the option of a double hipped roof that allows for the increased head space. This double hipped option also enables smaller properties like bungalows and cottages to have the option of an Edwardian conservatory. As with all our conservatories, we are dynamic in allowing you to choose exactly the conservatory colour you want.


Edwardian Conservatory Glazing

There are a multitude of conservatory window/glazing systems available, including high grade glazing that is laminated using polythene membraness that protects you from dangerous UV rays. This protection is extremely important as it protects furniture and conservatory floors/carpets within the conservatory. Cheaper glazing that doesn't protect from UV rays often leads to furniture and carpet fade. There are a couple of types of window to choose from; Self cleaning glass windows, low emissivity glass windows, SGG Planitherm glass windows or Pilkington K glass windows.


Edwardian Conservatory Roofing

Edwardian conservatory roofs come with a couple of options; a double-hipped roof as well as a standard roof. Double-hipped roofs enable you to have an increased roof height, this is because the roof is not restricted by the height of the adjoining property. Roofs can be either made from a uPVC material or glass.


Is the Edwardian style right for your home

Edwardian conservatory styles are brilliant, however some people feel they are quite right for their home, we offer a wide range of conservatory styles; Victorian conservatories, Elizabethan conservatories, Edwardian conservatoriesRegency conservatories, Gable conservatories, Georgian conservatories, Loggia conservatories, Orangeries, T Shaped conservatories, P Shaped conservatories, Lean to conservatories, Bespoke conservatories.


Edwardian Conservatory Planning Permission

Edwardian conservatory planning permission and conservatory planning permission as a whole, is generally straight forward, however if you require large conservatories, this will be when you may come up against opposition. 


Compare conservatory prices

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