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Lean to conservatories generally offer the cheapest solution to you needs, whether you’re looking for a little extra space as a utility room or an extension to a lounge or kitchen, the lean to conservatory offers up a superb solution. Despite a name that seems like it isn’t set in stone, lean to conservatories are permanent extensions of properties, using all the usual building and affixing methods. Lean to conservatories aren’t known for their flamboyant designs, but this doesn’t mean you can’t add a bespoke touch to the design to improve it. Many people now choose veranda conservatories, over the lean to, but the lean to  is still popular due to it being a cheap conservatory.


Lean To Conservatory Designs

The lead to’s design speaks for itself, in essence, it is a box (rectangular or square) with a sloped roof that is attached to an exterior wall of your home.  The design is very versatile, allowing the lean to conservatory to attached perfectly onto pretty much every property; whether that be a bungalow, detached or terraced house, the design is also ideal for positioning against any available wall of the property. The typical shape of the conservatory means it does not protrude as much as other conservatory designs would.

If you good at DIY you might also be interested to know that you can buy DIY conservatory lean to kits. Consider whether you are able to go down the DIY route or whether you should look for a conservatory company that can supply and fit the lean to design on your behalf. 


Lean To Conservatory Roofing

We offer many roofing options for your new Lean to conservatory, our most popular is our Aluminium style which offers strength and versatility - the inside is cladded with PVCu which gives superb insulation and durability.


Lean To Conservatory Windows

For your new conservatory there are a range of conservatory window styles to choose from, including high grade glazing that is laminated using polythene membraness that protects you from dangerous UV rays. There are cheaper windows that don't offer the same protections from UV rays, however these often lead to furniture and carpet degradation. There are a couple of types of window to choose from; Self cleaning glass windows, low emissivity glass windowsSGG Planitherm glass windows or Pilkington K glass windows.


Is the Lean To style right for your home

Lean to conservatory styles are brilliant, however some people feel they are quite right for their home, we offer a wide range of conservatory styles; Victorian conservatoriesElizabethan conservatoriesEdwardian conservatoriesRegency conservatoriesGable conservatoriesGeorgian conservatoriesLoggia conservatoriesOrangeriesT Shaped conservatoriesP Shaped conservatoriesLean to conservatoriesBespoke conservatories.


Lean To Conservatory Planning Permission

Lean to conservatory planning permission and conservatory planning permission as a whole, is generally straight forward, however if you require large conservatories, this will be when you may come up against opposition. 


Compare conservatory prices

Still not sure on which conservatory, or are you basing you decision purely on price, you can save up to 75% with Conservatory Shop as we compare all UK suppliers prices. Take a look at our current conservatory prices.