Victorian Conservatory Style

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Victorian Conservatories to suit any home

Our Victorian conservatories are by far the most popular of our ranges. Victorian conservatories suit all styles of house, whether that be manor houses, new builds or contemporary. The classic English octagonal can be adapted to all shapes and sizes, whether that be a p shaped, t shaped or bespoke...the conservatory design is in your hands! The beautiful octagonal design style let you maximise the view into the garden. When conservatories spring to mind, most people are thinking of the Victorian conservatory style.


Victorian Conservatory Style

Victorian conservatories include bay front windows and steeply pitched roofs. Most old Victorian conservatories are build from PVCu and Aluminium, however for a more classic feel, we advise hardwood conservatories. As with all conservatories, the range of colours are exceptional, allowing you to match your perfect colour to your house and garden. The style can be tailored to your preferred look and feel.


Victorian Conservatory Glazing

Choosing conservatory windows can be a bit of a minefield, we use high grade glazing that is laminated using polythene membranes that protect you from UV rays. This level of protection is important as it balances the right amount of sunlight coming in, and thus protects furniture and carpets. Cheap glazing that doesn't offer UV protection often leads to rapid furniture and carpet degredation.


Victorian Conservatory Roofing

Victorian conservatory roofs come with a couple of options; a double-hipped roof as well as a standard roof. Double-hipped roofs enable you to have an increased roof height, this is because the roof is not restricted by the height of the adjoining property. Roofs can be either made from a uPVC material or glass.


Victorian Conservatory Benefits

Every property can benefit from the Victorian’s high class features, not only suited to Victorian style houses; as a result the Victorian Conservatory will provide an element of charm and individuality to newer properties as well as older ones.

If you happen to have a small garden, the Victorian Conservatory will help maximise your space since their rounded edges will blend seamlessly into your property. The Victorian is a very versatile style of conservatory in terms of design and size configurations. This style can be extended beautifully into longer gardens  – this style can be easily accommodated for your property.


Is the Victorian style right for your home

Victorian conservatory styles are brilliant, however some people feel they are quite right for their home, we offer a wide range of conservatory styles; Victorian conservatoriesElizabethan conservatoriesEdwardian conservatoriesRegency conservatoriesGable conservatoriesGeorgian conservatoriesLoggia conservatoriesOrangeriesT Shaped conservatoriesP Shaped conservatoriesLean to conservatoriesBespoke conservatories.


Victorian Conservatory Planning Permission

Victorian conservatory planning permission and conservatory planning permission as a whole, is generally straight forward, however if you require large conservatories, this will be when you may come up against opposition. 


Compare conservatory prices

Still not sure on which conservatory, or are you basing you decision purely on price, you can save up to 75% with Conservatory Shop as we compare all UK suppliers prices. Take a look at our current conservatory prices.