Conservatory Design Tips

Design tips #2

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1.     Make sure you choose a conservatory design and style that suits your properties look and feel. Remember that a poorly designed/chosen conservatory can have a negative effect on your properties cost, or not achieve the value of a well designed and implemented conservatory.

2.     Try to use conservatory materials and conservatory colours that suit your property. Putting a uPVC white conservatory on a stately manor house will not match the grandeur of the property; newer properties can get away with uPVC, old properties suit more classical styles and materials.

3.     Map out your conservatory with pegs (prior to build) to ensure you can fit all the furniture/furnishing you require into the space. Actually map out the position of sofas, tables, cabinets etc.

4.     Get multiple conservatory quotes to ensure you are getting consistent conservatory prices. Remember, cheapest isn’t always the best. Check the installers previous conservatory builds, get testimonials and opinions from people that have used that installer.

5.     Ensure you think about where the external door will be positioned, this comes back to planning out where conservatory furniture and furnishing will go.

6.     The more you spend on conservatory windows and roof venting the less you will need for conservatory heating and cooling systems for your conservatory.

7.     Don’t forget to budget for extras, such as conservatory blinds, conservatory furniture and conservatory heating.