DIY Conservatories

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Advice on DIY Conservatories

Going down the DIY conservatory route has become a favourable choice for those who are wanting to save money and have some building experience behind them. DIY conservatory builds are not for the faint-hearted, nor if you don’t have a good bedding of DIY experience. The DIY conservatory kits come with extensive ‘how-to’ guides, so you’re not completely on your own!

To maximise cost savings we suggest you go for a standard model/style. While there are a few styles to choose from, the ‘made-to-measure’ aspect you get from a standard conservatory build (use an installer) won’t always be available. Most DIY conservatory suppliers provide a ‘supply only’ service, they will not help you with installation, bear in mind that they are trade suppliers, so they expect you to be able to install what you are purchasing! You can pay for a helping hand, the conservatory supplier should be able to put you in contact with someone if you require help during the build. Be aware that most conservatory suppliers will expect you to have your own fixings, screws, silicones etc; make sure you factor these elements into the project cost.

You may also struggle to get the specialist conservatory windows in DIY conservatories, such as Pilkington K and Low Emissivity Glass.

One thing about DIY that you cannot get away from is setting the foundations, so if you are not fully aware of how to do the foundations, we suggest you get an expert in.

Do bear in mind that the construction time of you doing it yourself will be significantly more than a skilled conservatory installer, also, to think you can do it all on your own is obscure, we recommend mapping out the job and then checking with a friend to see if they can help you on particularly challenging installation days.

When it comes to electrical installation, there isn’t much wiggle room, you will require a qualified electrician to carry out work. Alternatively, if you want to carry the work out yourself, you will need a qualified contractor to certify if and notify building control.