Conservatory Flooring

Conservatory flooring #2

Find the right conservatory flooring

When it comes to conservatory flooring the options for you are wide open, although we suggest you thinking carefully about the flooring to ensure it reflects the style and purpose of your conservatory extension.

Until recently the conservatory flooring standard choices remained between tiles, laminate, carpet or vinyl, however now, there is a new option. Engineered wood has become very popular as the balance between quality and affordability. This is a popular choice due to standard wood flooring was never advisable due to warping and twisting of wood in an environment where temperatures are constantly changing.

Engineered wood is popular for a couple of reasons, the warrantees and protection that engineered wood offer as superb, not forgetting to mention the ease of cleaning and thus improved hygiene. Another benefit with engineered wood is that it is fully compatible with underfloor heating, see our conservatory heating guide.