Conservatory Furniture

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Advice on choosing your conservatory furniture

Whether you are building your conservatory as a lounge, dining room, office or just wanting to bring the outside in, there are strong reasons why wood cane furniture remains a main staple of the English conservatory.

While many it makes perfect sense to furnish your conservatory with furniture that complements your furnishings in the main house, you have to remember that a conservatory often finds itself bathed in sunlight, along with changeable temperatures. Cane makes light work of these conditions, as it is able to absorb the conditions without massive degradation. Cane furniture can be made into beautiful sofas, tables or even rattan furniture; all of which complement conservatories amicably.

If you would rather use standard furniture within your conservatory, we would strongly advise you ensure you are using the highest quality conservatory windows that help protect everything within. If you go down this route, make sure that you choose furnishings that are thicker and more resilient to the stresses and strains a conservatory puts on them, for instance, use thicker fabrics that can be removed for washing if required.