Conservatory Heating

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There are a few options open to you when choosing your conservatory heating, these need to be considered before building starts (within the planning stages). Use these links for more information on conservatory building regulations and conservatory planning permission.

Conservatory heating options

Conservatory heating can be just added onto your main central heating system, as long as you central heating can cope with an extra couple of radiators. The main point to note here though is that the conservatories radiators need to work independently, in other words, the conservatories heating can be switched on/off separately from the main central heating system.

The more straight forward option, it to just install electric radiators, however depending on how much you plan to use your conservatory in the winter months, this may prove a slightly more expensive option over time.

Alternatively to these conservatory heating options is radiant underfloor heating systems. The underfloor heating option is beginning to grow in popularity throughout the UK, as many people see this as a desirable and functional solution, over a fairly ugly radiator strapped onto the wall of their new conservatory. Underfloor heating has become a savvy heating option as it can but used under a variety of floors; wood, laminate, tiled, slate and engineered woods.