Conservatory Materials

PVCu / uPVC Materials

3 Conservatory Materials to choose from

uPVC/PVCu Conservatories

uPVC and PVCu refer to the same plastic conservatory material substance, it can be referred to in either way. uPVC conservatories are the cheapest material to choose from, and generally the most popular as the balance of its performance and affordability are very good.

uPVC doesn’t just have to be white, it can be wood grain, mahogany or oak stained.

uPVC also offers a high level of security, especially if you go for the internal beaded system.

uPVC is often used on newer properties, older period properties may struggle to get granted planning permission for its usage.

uPVC is highly energy efficient when combined with specialist window glass.

Aluminium Conservatories

Aluminium materials share the majority of their specifications with uPVC, however they are less energy efficient that uPVC.

Hardwood Conservatories

The most expensive of the materials available, although it does compliment older properties very well. Hardwood can be stained in a variety of colours, as well as offering you the opportunity to pain the conservatory in any colour to match your property.

Hardwood conservatories do require more maintenance, but the traditional look they provide is unparalleled.

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