Oak Conservatories

Oak conservatory #3

Oak Conservatories

Oak conservatories carry a higher cost that a standard uPVC or aluminium conservatory, there are two types of oak used, which are both sustainably sourced from European oak hardwood suppliers.

You can buy your oak in two types, green oak or seasoned oak.

Green Oak

Green oak is a softer material which is easy to cut and shape, however as the sap drains our the wood shrinks (this can sometimes cause issues, however pins are used to stop this). Green oak is cheaper than its seasoned oak counterpart.

Seasoned Oak

Seasoned oak is thoroughly dried prior to being cut or shaped, this type of oak is the superior of the two because it doesn’t suffer from the possibility of shrinkage or movement, it is for this reason it carries a higher cost than green oak.

Benefits of Oak Conservatories

Both can be stained or coloured as required.

Other conservatory materials