Conservatory Planning Permission

Conservatory planning permission #2

Ensure you've checked your conservatory planning permission requirements

The addition of a conservatory to your property is not considered to require an application process, however to ensure you remain out of the application stage, you need to adhere to the following constraints;

  • For properties that reside in national parks, terraces or conservation areas, you are allowed 50 square metre of conservatory development, or 10% of the square metre footprint of your property (pre conservatory build), which ever of these to values is greater.
  • For all other property types the conservatory needs to be less than 70 square metres or 15% of the footprint of your property, whichever is larger.
  • Conservatory extensions cannot be larger than 115 square metres.
  • You may not exceed the current height of the property
  • The conservatory is not allowed to take up any more than 50% of the original land around the property
  • Conservatories need to be in excess of 20 metres from roads/highways.
  • Conservatories should next exceed 4 metres in height and should remain 2 metres within the property boundary.


These are not extensive constraints, more the basic elements. You should always speak to local planning officers to confirm the details.


Planning in Scotland is different, you should contact a local planning officer for more advice.