Conservatory Project Advice

General advice #3

Read our conservatory project advice guide

1.     Before you agree a contract with any installer/supplier, ensure you negotiate well; don’t expect to get lots of tips and advice if you have paid for the cheapest conservatory.

2.     Meet the installers and look at their previous work, ensure you speak with their previous customers.

3.     Be thorough in checking your planning permission requirements. Read our conservatory planning permission and conservatory building regulation guides for more information.

4.     Build a good relationship with the installers, as this will encourage them to do a thorough and well performed job.

5.     Ensure that you keep a small contingency budget in case anything comes up during the building stage.

6.     Tell your insurers about the addition of your conservatory to your home. This will ensure there aren’t any complications during any home insurance claims.

7.     Communicate with you neighbours that you are going to build a conservatory. Make sure there are no objections through possible loss of light or obstructions to their view.