Conservatory Styles

conservatory designs and styles #2

Choosing the right conservatory style

Making that big decision on which style of conservatory to choose for your property can seem quite daunting, especially when you think that a conservatory may not actually increase your properties value by the physical cost of the conservatory, if not planned and styled correctly.

There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself;

What conservatory style would you like?

Edwardian Conservatory – timeless classic in its design and style. Universally suited to the majority of properties.

Victorian Conservatory – one of  the most popular conservatories, again much the same as the Edwardian style, they suit most homes.

Elizabethan Conservatory – Distinctive due to its clean lines and simplicity that were derived from the era. High pitched roof creates a light and airy space.

Orangery – Steeped in grandeur, Orangeries are often suited to a bigger property.

Loggia Conservatory – Style and elegance wrapped up into this style. Loggia conservatories combine classic styles with a modern look and feel.

Gable Conservatory – Rigid rectangular styles with the traditional flat front face. A classic conservatory with a high pitched roof to give the light and airy feel.

Regency Conservatory – Steeped in elegance and beauty, a timeless classic from the regency period. A very popular conservatory for those trying to inject grandeur into a property.

Georgian Conservatory – Georgian conservatories offer that regal style to compliment classic properties.

Bespoke Conservatory – The clue is in the name, bespoke conservatories are made exactly how you like them. There is no limit in what can be designed!

Panoramic Conservatory – Panoramic conservatories are the modern type of conservatory, huge glass extensions that let you bring the outside in.

T-Shaped & P-Shaped Conservatories – These types of conservatory can encompass any style, as the ‘T’ & ‘P’ are just the shape!

Veranda Conservatory – These styles are a more expensive version of a lean to conservatory, but the feature an outside veranda off the back of the lean to. These are a more modern type of lean to.

Lean To Conservatory – The perfect option for those looking for a cheaper glass extension to the property. Brilliant for kitchens, utility rooms or smaller seating areas.

Conservatory Frames

This needs to be a decision that reflects the style of your property, for instance, a uPVC conservatory won’t suit a period property.

uPVC, Aluminium or Hardwoods are the options available to you. uPVC conservatory frames being the cheapest and hardwood conservatories being the most expensive.

Roof type

Plastic and Polycarbonate are the most popular, however if you want to use a glass roof, ensure that it offers a high energy efficiency. Similarly you can also use a tiled roof, this is a more expensive option. Read our tips on conservatory roofs.