Conservatory Windows

Conservatory windows #2

Choose the right windows for your conservatory

There are a couple of options available when it comes to choosing your conservatory windows, including Low E or Low Emissivity Glass and Pilkington ‘K’ which offer increased levels of energy efficiency (up to 30%). Although these windows may cost more, their repayment in the long run is beneficial, you need to weigh up you time at the property to decide whether you will see this benefit though. Many building developers who decide to install a conservatory often choose the cheaper glasses, as they look to maximise their profit margins, watch out for this when thinking about buying a house from a developer.

There are also self-cleaning glass options, a fantastic asset to have if you are short of time or struggle with mobility, this glass type is offered from Pilkington (Activ glass).

Other considerations - if you have children, you may want to look a choosing a toughened/thicker glass that shatters into pieces rather than shards…a potentially lethal combination.