uPVC Front Doors

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uPVC Front Door

Choosing your uPVC Front Door

uPVC front doors come in an enormous range of colours and styles. We have over 33 styles of uPVC front door available, with nearly 20 colours to choose from.

Energy Efficient

uPVC doors have been designed to reduce heat loss by incorporating Low E Glass glazing that reflects heat back into the property.

Reduced noise pollution

By replacing your old door with a new energy efficient door ensures that outside noise is heavily reduced, this is brilliant for properties that are close to busy roads/towns. The technology within the door uses a multi-chamber profile to reduce noise, whilst insulating the property.

Door Windows

All doors come with the option of being double or triple glazed (if you choose a door with a window). Triple glazed doors can help reduce heat loss by a massive 35% over standard double glazing.

Greater Security

We use only the highest quality secure uPVC doors that meet British Security Standards. This is achieved by using multi-point locking mechanisms that are embedded into the enforcement frame of the door. The doors also encompass high security hinges and internally beaded windows that ensure windows cannot be removed from the front.

Door Maintenance

uPVC doors are easily maintainable; cleaning is easy, they will not suffer from colour degradation and if you require, you can include self-cleaning glass to make cleaning EVEN easier!

Door Guarantees

uPVC doors come with lifetime guarantees  on the sealed part of the unit and 10 year guarantees on workmanship and materials as standard.

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