Benefits of Double Glazing

double glazing benefits #2

Why you should choose double glazing

Energy Efficiency

It has been said that properties can lose as much as 30% of their heat through the windows and doors. New window technology has vastly changed this figure, Low E Glass or Low Emissivity Glass is a incredible new glazing system that lets the sun’s heat and light pass through, but prevents heat from going the other way. Therefore Low E Glass can drastically increase savings on energy bills.

Increase You Properties Value

Double glazing doesn’t just save you money on your energy bills, it also increases the value of your property. New double glazing is becoming more and more aesthetically pleasing and thus increasing the desirability of properties. However on the other side, if you choose the wrong windows you could negatively impact the value of your property.


Double glazing now comes with a fantastic security addition, toughened or shatterproof glass, this means that windows will shatter rather than break into long shards of class, particularly advisable if you have children. In fact, UK law now stipulates that glazing in ‘critical locations’ must comply to the level of toughened and shatterproofing; (BS 6206).