Double Glazing Windows

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Double Glazing Window

We are slowly being encouraged to make that switch from a double glazed window to triple glazing, however you may not fully understand the reasons why. The increased pressure on energy efficiency is seeing many be pressurised into making a slightly more expensive purchase, as the improvements that can be made from window energy efficiency can actually increase the cost of a house, or make it more desirable.

We offer a range of UPVC double glazed and UPVC triple glazed windows;

How to choose your windows

Energy performance in windows is compared using what is knows as ‘U Value Measurement’, building regulations within the UK currently insist that replacement windows have a U rating of no worse that 1.6 U’s. This has come down somewhat over the past years as manufacturing processes have become more savvy and more efficiency focussed. These improvements have been made by;

  • Increasing cavity size between window panes to 16mm
  • Low E or Low emissivity glass coatings have been added to the glass panes to reduce heat escaping
  • The cavities between glass panes are now filled with an inert gas, rather than the old convention of Argon