PVCu Window Materials

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You may hear PVCu, uPVC, PVCU or PVC-U spoken about when buying your new windows, however, these are all the same window, just written differently! PVCu windows are by far the most popular choice when it comes to new replacement windows. They are an exceptionally resilient material that require low levels of maintenance, and are available in white (most popular), mahogany or wood grain styles.

Historically plastic replacement windows suffered from discolouration, however these early problems are pretty much obsolete due to new build specifications, along with extensive manufacturer warrantees that protect you against window faults.

PVCu windows come internally or externally glazed, internally beaded windows hold the glass from the inside of the windows, this is generally deemed as a more secure method and protects more effectively from burglars. Externally beaded windows are perfectly fine, they feature internal wedge gaskets or double sided tape that secures the external beading, however as we said, they are less secure because of the external beading.

The majority of PVCu windows and doors are ‘multi-walled’ with a metal box section that provides reinforcement, these wall sections vary in thickness and strength (dependent on how much you are willing to pay for the extra reinforcement and security), but the most popular systems are built with a 3-3.5mm wall.

The depth and thicknesses of the window or door frames have a range between 50-70mm, with the most popular extrusions being within the 55-65mm range. Choosing thicker frame depths will again help with security and reinforcement of your replacement windows.

Be aware that PVCu replacement windows are generally not accepted on listed buildings and it can be tricky getting them installed in a conservation area.