Replacement Windows

Replacement windows #1

Why do I need to replace my windows?

People make the decision to change their windows for a variety of reasons, unless you get it very wrong, you can expect replacement windows to increase the value of your property, along with the aesthetics and desirability of your property.

Your current windows need repairing

Older properties often have wood windows that can only live for so long, you may have decided that patching and filling these has become too strenuous for the amount of extra life you’re actually imparting into the windows lifespan. Older windows generally are designed and styled in a way that is now outdated and they don’t harbour the same levels of energy efficiency required.

Improved security protection

Windows and doors are often the main point of entry for a burglar, older windows (single or double pane) don’t have the extra security features that the new technology windows do. New windows incorporate sophisticated locking systems to help protect your property against unwanted visitors. Also, a window that has built in security protection can actually decrease home insurance payments.

Reduce noise pollution

Properties that are situated near busy roads, airports or other transport routes, can suffer from increased noise pollution. New windows are built to reduce this; generally from double glazing upwards the reduction in noise is very significant.

Weather protection

Does your properties temperature fluctuate with the weather outside? Do you feel chills from window draughts? Is rain leaking through the windows in prolonged downpours?

These are all signs that you current windows are unable to cope with our modern day weather. New replacement windows protect you against all of these blights.

Increased energy efficiency

The newer window systems offer a significant improvement on insulation that old single glazed windows, this helps your property retain heat, which puts money back in your pocket. This also means that because of the reduction in draughts and air leaking into the home, you can turn the heating down, again, another saving!