Triple Glazing Windows

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Triple Glazing Window

When considering your new uPVC windows, serious consideration should be made for paying a little bit more for triple glazing, over their double glazing counterpart. Put simply, triple glazing uses 3 panes of glass, versus double glazing which uses 2. However the benefits of triple glazing far outweigh that of double glazing.

We offer a range of triple glazed windows;

Benefits of triple glazing

As you may already be aware, energy efficiency in windows is measure by the efficiency unit of ‘U’, or ‘U value’, the lower the ‘u value’ your windows has the better the energy efficiency. Typically single glazing has a U value of 5, older double glazing has a value of 3 and newer versions 1.6, triple glazing however has a u value of 0.8. When you compare windows to that of a wall, which has a u value of 0.3, you can see that windows still have a way to go until they alleviate themselves from being the weak point in home energy efficiency.

Does triple glazing pay?

In a word, yes, the upfront cost might be more and the u value fairly similar, but the efficiency over their lifespan will be significant. Other improvements to you home are;

  • Significant reduction in noise pollution, which is brilliant if you live in a slightly more built up area or near main roads
  • A more consistent level of u value efficiency between the walls and windows helps alleviate cold spots within the home
  • More desirability when coming to sell, as you homes energy efficiency will be very high