Wood Cottage Windows

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Wood Cottage Window

Wood cottage windows maintain the traditional look and feel of any period property. Wood cottage windows are perfect for older properties that want to retain their traditional look, however, they are equally suitable for adding a traditional look to a newer property.

Traditional Cottage Windows

Wood cottage windows allow you to keep a high quality traditional look, without compromising on security and energy efficiency. The windows come with A-Rated glass that features the very best in energy efficiency, as the glass retains heat through its advanced insulation, matching that of it uPVC cottage window counterpart.

Colours & Finishes

Obviously, wood cottage windows are more expensive that uPVC cottage windows, but they benefit from being able to be painted in any colour that matches the look and feel of the property. You can also choose to stain them with traditional wood stains.


They do require more maintenance than uPVC, but this is the price you pay for a beautifully crafted cottage window.


Windows are internally beaded, meaning that windows cannot be removed from the outside. You can also choose to have locking handles to increase the security further.


There are extensive guarantees available to cover you from rot and other issues that may arise.