Wooden Windows

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Wooden Window

Wooden windows are a fantastic way to retain the look of an older property, giving the older look even though the windows are new. Much the same as uPVC windows, wood windows can achieve A rated thermal efficiency, this is achieved by using the latest window technology Low E glass or Low emissivity glass, which reflects heat back into your property.

Wooden Window Types

Timber windows are truly stunning, with a natural beauty and traditional style that truly stands out. Should you be looking to retain the look of an older property or give the impression of age to a newer one, timber windows are the perfect option to satisfy your needs.


Wooden windows require slightly more maintenance than the standard uPVC window option. To maximise the lifespan of wooden windows, it is advisable to clean once to twice a year, ensuring all residue is removed from the paintwork and glass. Maintaining wooden windows well is essential.

Types of Wood

There a 2 types of wood for wooden windows to be build out of, softwood or hardwood, both hold the same guarantee and are sourced sustainably.